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Are you Networking or NOT Working?

Are you Networking or NOT Working?
Top 5 Problems People Have When Building Their Business

If you’re in business or sales today, you have to really be honest with yourself when you answer that question.  Many professionals and business owners spend tons of time (and a substantial amount of money) attending “Networking Opportunity Meetings” and come away with very little to show for it.  Let’s explore why that happens and give you the 5 most common problems people have when trying to build their business:


Problem #1:  You go to the networking meeting to get leads:  You’re going for the wrong reason.  You go to a meeting to GIVE leads and help other people.   To get more, you must first give more.  Pay it forward!  It will always come back to you.

Problem #2:  You’re at the wrong networking meeting!  Who are you hunting?  You have to go to the meeting where the people who buy your product or service congregate.  If you’re hunting larger business owners, you won’t find them at the weekly “coffee shop meeting”.  You have to fish where the fish are.

Problem #3:  It’s your mom’s fault:  Mom taught you “Don’t talk to Strangers!” and now your boss is telling you that you have to talk to strangers.  It’s silly but some people are still afraid of talking to strangers…and they’re 40 or 50 years old.  Your new mantra is “I make money when I talk to strangers!”

Problem #4:  Your “Elevator Speech” is not working.  Most business people have a canned elevator speech…and it sounds canned.  Do you respond to people who sound “scripted”?  Probably not. You need to have a great 30 second commercial that gets their attention…and fast.

Problem #5:  Sales is an accidental profession.  Think about that one for a minute.  No one grows up and says, “When I grow up I want to be a salesman.”  You went to school for business, marketing, engineering, welding or some other career and 10 years later you’re in sales.  If you’ve never been trained on how to sell (or how to network), you’re missing an important piece of the puzzle.  Go get some training!

Professional Networkers are not born, they’re developed.  They hone their skills, practice them and then go make money while others are still struggling.

Article written by Eric Shulman with Sandler Training