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Background Screenings Protect Your Business

Let’s say you own a small business such as a pizzeria, flower shop, pool service company or any other organization in which your employees visit your customers.


Scenario 1:

Your employee just hit another car while making a delivery. The police report finds he was under the

influence. The result? No delivery, wasted prep time and an upset customer. With your valuable reputation at stake, you may have a worker’s compensation claim against your company, a skyrocketing insurance premium…and no recourse.

Scenario 2:

Your customer’s residence was burglarized and your employee’s been charged with the crime…and because you didn’t perform a background check, your company can be sued. Pre-employment drug and alcohol screenings or background checks could’ve helped you avoid these scenarios, either of which can bankrupt your company.

The facts:

  • 60% of adults know someone who went to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol (Hazelden


  • 74% of adult illicit drug users are employed, as are most binge alcohol users (Hazelden Foundation).
  • One in six workers has a drug problem.

Data from the NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found drug-using employees more likely to:

  • request early dismissal or time off (by 2.2 times)
  • have absences of eight days or more (by 2.5 times)
  • be late for work (by three-fold)
  • be involved in a workplace accident (by 3.6 times)
  • file a workers’ compensation claim (by 5-fold)

The costly outcomes include business disruptions, late/canceled deliveries, overtime and customer dissatisfaction. The good news is that drug and alcohol screening tests remain readily available and very affordable.

Drug-free Workplace Programs Work.

Employers implementing drug-free workplace programs experience improved morale and productivity with reduced absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover and theft.

Longer term benefits include decreased use of medical benefits, which leads to lower premiums.

In addition, implementation is easy. Owners can quickly reduce risk and concentrate on business growth by using one of the several organizations that provide on site and off-site testing services.

Protect yourself by finding a nationally certified lab and a full-service third party provider. Most importantly, don’t let your employees put you at risk!

Dee Carlson is president and CEO of ARCpoint Labs of Altamonte Springs. She can be reached at (407) 951-7575 or by visiting www.ArcPointLabs.com/altamonte_springs.