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Creating Clarity in 2020

hand holding crystal ball What do you most want to accomplish in 2020?
Business growth? Better health? Less stress? Make a written list so you can see it in black and white.
There! You have taken your first step in creating clarity for the New Year! Believe it or not, that’s quite an accomplishment. Many people say they want to do something but never take the first action step. Now the fun begins!
So, how long is your list? Do you have just a few key items, or does it resemble your holiday grocery list?  Either way, I am happy to say that you CAN accomplish everything on your list! Yep, seriously! First, though, let’s review and fine-tune it.
In my Time Management Tool, you are taught to prioritize your To Do list. Since this is a pretty important “to do” list, we’re going to apply a similar process to your 2020 goals by aligning them with your values.
  • WHY do you want to accomplish this?
  • Do these fall under things you “Should do,” are “Expected to do,” or things you “Want to do”?
  • HOW will accomplishing this benefit you?
  • If you don’t accomplish this, what will happen?
  • If you don’t accomplish this, how will you feel?
Now, review your list again:
  • Cross off anything you marked that wasn’t “Want to”
  • Circle the items that bring you the most benefit
  • Highlight the items that will make you feel good/proud/successful
Making Progress!
You should now have a list that inspires you – one that you look forward to working on and accomplishing! It’s not that the other items are not worth doing, it’s just that right now, they are not goals that are clearly important compared to the circled list. When we attempt to accomplish things that aren’t in alignment with our values and rewards, we are not likely to be motivated enough to see them through. And, when we don’t accomplish something we feel we “should” it often leads to stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Those are NOT things we want influencing our new year!
Now that you have some goals, let’s get clear about the next steps.
  • What do you need to accomplish these goals? Tools, information, time, help.
  • Where can you get these items?
  • Is there anyone who can help you? You don’t have to do it all by yourself. In fact, successful business and community leaders recognize the benefits of delegating and/or hiring people to assist them.
Now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road – how much time are you going to dedicate to your goals? There is no wrong answer here, the key is to be consistent in your dedication. If your schedule is already pretty full, carve out a set number of minutes or hours each week when you can consistently work on your goals. Even a small amount of progress over time will get you to the finish line!
Don’t be surprised if you get so inspired that you end up adjusting your schedule so you can spend more time working on your goals. At the same time, don’t be surprised if you lose momentum at some point. When that happens, re-evaluate the reasons you are going after this goal in the first place. If it still holds the same importance, remind yourself of that and you’ll re-energize. If not, maybe your life has changed and that goal no longer serves you. If that’s the case, simply start the process again and figure out what you REALLY want to accomplish and why.
It’s YOUR 2020!
As you prepare for a fresh new year, remember – this is YOUR life. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Follow your dreams and passions and go at your own pace. Most of all, align your work and goals in a manner that allows you to enjoy the journey. 2020 is your year for creating a clear vision, goals, and path to enrich your professional and personal life. What’s your vision?
Article provided by Karen Nutter of CBK Coaching