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Karen D. Nutter

324 6th Ave.N.
Jacksonville Beach, FL, 32250

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CBK Coaching

Coaching by Karen is a Corporate and Personal Coaching Center that focuses on assisting people in identifying and minimizing their barriers to success.

We utilize scientifically proven assessments and individualized coaching to help you reach your highest level of professional and personal success.


Certified Master Coach Practitioner®
Certified Master Coach Trainer®
Certified Intrinsic Coach® (CIC)
Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst®
Certified Driving Forces Analyst®
Certified Professional Motivators Analyst®
Certified Professional Emotional Intelligence Analyst®
Certified Hypnolinguistic Practitioner®
2014 BNI Leader of the Year
2017 BNI Leader of the Year
2017 Regional BNI Member of the Year
2019 BNI Leader of the Year

Results (1 of 1)