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LLC formation

Asked by Anonymous

We are a mother and son who formed an LLC to start our business selling goods on a kiosk in an airport. We had a CPA form it for us, who says that the "owner" could be anyone since nothing official was declared, but we'll say the mother has 100% ownership. On the Articles of Organization, the registered agent (Article IV) is my son. The persons authorized (Article V) are both of us, each having the title of Manager. When we consulted a SCORE counselor with the Small Business Association, we were told that with the setup that I described above, it is a sole proprietorship, and we should have 2 registered agents (the both of us). Is it a sole proprietorship if we stating that it's 100% owned by the mother? Should we form some official document that divides our ownership or makes it, say 60 - 40, or add a second registered agent?

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