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Asked by Martin Decker
I have employees that did not have there workers comp exemption or they let theirs run out without renewing. we are now being audited and...
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Business Start-up

Insurance at Start-up

Asked by Anonymous
I am a new business that is in the start-up process and I am operating out of the home until I am able to grow...
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Asked by C Udell
Where would I go for more information on opening a small business?
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Legal Entity

LLC formation

Asked by Anonymous
We are a mother and son who formed an LLC to start our business selling goods on a kiosk in an airport. We had a...
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Type of Entity

Asked by Rebecca
Hello. What is the best entity (Sole-proprietor, LLC - with or w/out S-Corp, etc.) for the following: 1)home-based business - operated out of the home...
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Hiring a foreing employee

Asked by Cyn
I'm a permanent resident (green card) and I would like to open a small business with my boyfriend (he's from Brazil with student visa). Can...
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