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At a recent meeting of the SW FL Small Business Resource Network (SBRN), a debate broke out! In this meeting of Small Business experts, owners, advocates, and professionals, people began to question the very purpose of the meeting. Always billed as a networking group, the question that sparked the debate: “Are we networking – or are we a network??”
Wow. Good question.

We know that networking is good. We have all been versed in the benefits of attending events that will help us advance our purpose, help us to meet the right people, and hopefully open doors to new business and opportunities.

But what about being a part of a “network”? How is that different?

Being part of a network means that you attend the events of that network, have coffee with the people of that network on the side, and always have a support net.
SBRN is a network – a network of people who are passionate about small business and the people involved. The purpose of the network is to build trusting relationships so that together, we can provide outstanding service to each other – and to the clients we all serve.

Leaving the meeting, there was a shared feeling of contentment that somehow, we had reached a new understanding of what “networking” is really all about – it’s about forming a “network.” What a great feeling to know that you have good people on your side – people you know, people you trust – the people of SBRN.

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