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Small Business Resource Network Celebrates 25 Years [Transcript]

Kimberly Deas: I joined SBRN because it was where all the accountants, the financial planners, all the people that worked with my clients were already based.

Mark Patrick: It gives me a lot of bench strength and resources that I otherwise would not have. It makes me more valuable to my clients.

Sue Miller: I’ve been an SBRN member for I think about eight or nine years. I constantly renewed just for the network and for the comradery of the other professionals that were in the organization.

Eric Schmidt: By being a member of SBRN I really gain the guidance and the expertise of the people that have been in business as professionals for a long time.

Dennis Chan: We’ve had so many SBRN members help us with so many things. I found a great banker who’s a member, an accountant, so many people that will help small businesses just like ours.

Sue Miller: We know in SBRN that everyone’s been vetted and they are professionals and know exactly what they’re doing.

Tracey Phillips: It’s a great group of folks in the community that belong, and they genuinely care about helping you succeed in your business and grow.

Steve Price: Many times when you’re a solo practitioner like I am you feel like you’re on an island.

Laurie Lee: Well I went to the SBDC to get some advice on business ownership, to fill the gaps in my knowledge. I found that the consultants were very knowledgeable, very helpful. As part of that resource they referred me to the SBRN.

Doug Wilder: It just moved the level of my business from this getting along level to just exceeding.

Jamie Docster: I feel like I can be the quarterback when I’m meeting with my clients. So when they bring up a subject matter, I need help with marketing, I need legal help, it’s a lot of times they just don’t even recognize what they need.

Tracey Nazzaro: The added value of working with my SBDC consultant is they have a referral network of professionals. We have found a rock star accountant that we are really happy to be part of our extended team that we met through the SBRN network.

Bernie D.: I speak to so many different small to medium size companies and find that they all have gaps in their business. They have areas that they have weakness. So many of the people here at SBRN and people at the SBDC provide wisdom, knowledge and experience in those areas and the ability to help.

Laurie Lee: It was a great partnership between getting the SBDC’s consultant’s expertise and then having this other piece of the SBRN where there are other service professionals, other accountants, and insurance agents, and real estate agents, I mean all these different great resources. I knew that it was a good group because they’re all experienced professionals. There’s a vetting process. You have to have so many years of experience to be in the group. So you feel confident talking to the people and you know when you talk to them that you’re getting experienced advice.

Bernie D.: It gives them an opportunity to create a quality team and recognize the fact that they’re not out on an island. If you’re a banker, if you’re an attorney, a CPA, or an insurance person, or a consultant of some sort, your field, your single field, isn’t what’s going to make or break that company. It’s going to be an overall collaborative effort from a lot of folks in a lot of different areas. Business today is so intricate and diverse that you have to be able to work in a lot of different spaces.

Doug Wilder: My experience with the SBRN is outstanding. Not only do I meet the people that I need to know for my business, but in addition for my clients.

Vicky Zelen: I have been really impressed with the panel of experts that are at the SBRN meetings. It has educated me to the point where I can get to know some of the experts in a group to be able to refer them to my clients that need their services.

Jamie Docster: It’s almost like a one stop shop for just about everything a small business owner would need.