Uniting Trusted Professionals Who Strengthen Our Business Community

SBRN David Marovich [Transcript]

David Marovich: I’m David Marovich with 121 Financial Credit Union. I’m the COO, and I’ve been there for nine years.

We are truly a small business focused lender in the market. Ultimately, there’s not a lot of banks that are catering to small businesses, doing loans that are under 250,000, let alone doing loans under 100. So we fill a void in the market.

The SBRN is a group of vetted professionals that not only network together, not only refer to one another, but also teach one another about their businesses. To me, it’s been a great honor to work with a lot of these people, become friends, but the nice thing is, for me, it’s not always about receiving a referral, it’s about having that network of people, professionals.

You’ve gotta be an expert, you’ve gotta be doing your job for at least three years, or have the proper licenses. And it’s actually checked, so it’s not like somebody’s just walking in off the street and going, “Hey, I’m a professional.”

We’ve offered seminars to people in the community, to businesses, so it’s a lot more than just the average, “Okay, I’m just going to look for a referral” kind of network.

This year I was fortunate enough to win the statewide SBDC Volunteer of the Year. In the past I have won the SBA Financial Services Advocate of the Year for the state of Florida, as well as a couple of other awards for top 504 lender in northeast Florida. And it’s all about the community and the people we work with.