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SBRN Jessica Bush Testimonial [Transcript]

Jessica Bush: Well, my name’s Jessica Bush and I’m with ADP Payroll Company, and I’ve been with the company for almost 17 years. As my job with ADP, I work with small businesses and with the small business market, they really need to have resources of all types. So, I really look at myself as a consultant for them. And I always tell businesses that they need a good banker, a good accountant, a good payroll person, a good lawyer. And so this is the perfect opportunity for me to be able to refer them to good resources and good people to help them grow their business.

I had a small business owner that was looking for health insurance, and we do have a longstanding member, Ken Smith, in our resource network. So, I referred them over to him. And after that they actually called me and said he did a fantastic job. He educated them on what the process was and I just feel like he is one of the perfect members that you know and you can trust to be able to send your clients to them.

So, when I meet, you know, a business owner or a resource for myself out in the community I … You know, when I look at them I really try to determine if they’re going to be a good fit for my community and my resource network. And if they have good character, if they’ve been with the business for a significant amount of time, if they can be trusted. If it’s going to be somebody that I would put in my pocket to be able to enhance my network.

It’s really a community, and I think you know, just being able to get to know these resources better, how they work with their clients, you know really how they can benefit my clients, and then also for me to be able to be a resource for them and their clients.